Corporate / Debtor Advisory Creditor Advisory Litigation Support

In post-confirmation fiduciary roles, Emerald professionals have served as plan administrator, post-confirmation trustee, liquidating trustee, financial advisor, and other similar fiduciary capacities. Emerald’s extensive distressed financial advisory experience uniquely positions us to help resolve issues faced by the fiduciary.  For a detailed list of Emerald's prior trustee / wind down / fiduciary assignments, please contact us directly.

Click here to access the Emerald's GMX Creditor Trust Reports.

Liquidating Trustee

  • Emerald professionals have provided the following services as liquidating trustee:
    • Overseeing and managing the trust's day-to-day operations
    • Administrating cash in the liquidating trust
    • Prosecuting retained causes of action and other claims of relief
    • Collecting other assets or funds of the estates
    • Maintaining all books and records
    • Performing all administrative functions, including bookkeeping, accounting, and financialreporting
    • Preparing and filing all necessary statutory forms, including tax returns and other filings
    • Making distributions to trust beneficiaries in a timely manner

Claims Management and Settlement

  • Through our professionals’ experience serving in trustee roles, Emerald has significant expertise in claims management and settlement.
  • We carefully examine the merit of all proofs of claims and reconcile them accordingly.
  • We also completely manage the claims vetting process, including reviewing claims, comparing them to Company records and, where appropriate, objecting to and prosecuting claims filed against the debtor’s estate.

Asset & Enterprise Sales

  • Emerald has administered and effectively liquidated dozens of trust assets.
  • Emerald’s goal is to secure the assets, make an objective assessment of their viability, and either selectively dispose of them or fully liquidate all collateral.