Corporate / Debtor Advisory Litigation Support Trustee / Wind Down / Fiduciary

Emerald has a long-standing track record of effectively advocating on behalf of all classes of creditors. For a detailed list of Emerald's prior creditor advisory assignments and experience, please contact us directly.

Secured Lender / Ad-Hoc Committee Advisory

  • Emerald professionals have provided the following services, among others, to both secured lenders and bondholders in distressed situations:
    • Analyzing short-term / long-term liquidity and creating cash flow forecasts
    • Reviewing business plans and creating performance analyses
    • Evaluating potential operational restructuring activities
    • Assessing risks related to announced turnaround plans or feasibility of all contemplated growth strategies
    • Assessing in-court and out-of-court considerations for the company
    • Determining the optimal capital structure and debt capacity of the company
    • Examining intercreditor dynamics and negotiating with other stakeholders
    • Investigating intercompany transactions
    • Valuing the company through segment by segment analysis, traditional methodologies, and liquidation analysis
    • Assessing overall capabilities of the company’s management

Unsecured Creditors / Equity Committee Advisory

  • Emerald is the preeminent financial advisory firm for official court-appointed committees in Chapter 11 bankruptcies.
    • Over the last two years, Emerald has represented ten Official Committees.
    • Moreover, Emerald professionals have advised over 40 additional Official Committees during the past decade. 
    • Recent engagements have included §363 asset sales, DIP negotiations, the development of reorganization plans, rights offerings, and valuation and testimony.
  • Emerald is an expert in committee representations, balancing the individual needs of stakeholders and promoting their interests through:
    • A proven ability to identify unencumbered value; 
    • A strong valuation record; and
    • A reputation for working toward the recoveries on pre-petition investments for stakeholders.
  • Emerald employs a relentless, results-driven approach to maximize recoveries for stakeholders of Chapter 11 debtors, which has resulted in first-rate outcomes for its clients.